Risk & Compliance

Its objective are to :

• Assist the Board and Management in maintaining risk management oversight within the organization.
• Ensure that mechanisms, systems and processes are in place within SMEDCO to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor inherent and potential risks that might hinder the achievement of SMEDCO set objectives and the broader mandate.
• Ensure that risk management is embedded in all facets of the Corporation’s operations and to create awareness of risks confronting SMEDCO.
• Ensure that Enterprise-Wide Risks are adequately managed (operational, ICT security, fraud, policies, procedures & systems, occupational health & safety, credit, strategic, liquidity, legal & compliance, interest rate, reputational, governance, foreign exchange).
• Manage the compliance function of SMEDCO (compliance testing and monitoring, regulator liaison).
• Facilitate risk management workshops and training.
• Manage credit collections, portfolio risk and post-investment monitoring.
• Collateral security administration and custody.
• Data capturing and client file custody.
• Risk Reporting to Management and Board.
• Maintenance of strategic risk and operational risk registers.
• Develop and implement a disaster recovery plan.
• Independent review of investment appraisal decisions.
• Development and implementation of risk management policies.