We provide One-on-one or group training for your team to be equipped with necessary skills.We offer trainings to all clients.

Technical expertise/advice

The focus is on the technical or professional content, or the technical systems required for the work to be effectively implemented and managed. Delivery may be as part of on-the-job accompaniment or it may be delivered during a special visit to the organisation.


Mentoring involves passing on tips from experience, attitudes, knowledge, contacts etc. from more experienced individuals to less experienced staff. The ‘mentor’ will be someone with an established reputation in the specific field. It may take place within an on-going relationship. The participant would normally set the agenda and have control over the timing etc.


Coaching is similar, but does not usually require that the coach has direct experience of their client’s formal occupational role unless the coaching is particularly skills focused. The expertise of the coach is more in the coaching method itself. Us as SMEDCO we ensure all that for you.